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First Summer Tomatoes

First tomatoes of the Summer.  Weather has been very wet.  Plants had to be trimmed a couple of times.  New Tomato Trellis holding up great.  Time to cross your fingers and hope for a dry, sunny stretch.

Ride Long, Fast and Hard!

Whoever thought that riding a bike is a lot like life? I am hooked on riding my bike on the rail trail. I shot, edited and uploaded this video entirely on my iphone 5. My riding goals this year include riding long, fast and hard. Maybe not all at the same time, but a constant [...]

2014 – The Year of the Tomato?

2013: Ready, Set, Search!

As the New Year begins, so does our annual quest to live, love and pursue our hopes and dreams.  Last year was a hard fought year of trying to do more, faster, and better, etc.  It was also my first full year without my dad a person I always looked up to and tried to [...]

Garden Olympics?

The recent Summer Olympics was over the top exciting and motivating for my family and me. I was taken by emotional surprise more than once watching the next generation of the best of the best go for gold. The Olympics sure do bring out the best in ourselves and humanity. We compete for medals, not [...]

Oh Lemon Boy!

Well my quest for tomatoes by the 4th of July is going well, but my efforts for tomatoes by the end of May met with only minor success. This one, sole, lonely tomato did arrive before June. It is my Lemon Boy. Efforts in life, love and the pursuit of happiness are often met with [...]

Winter Flowers Bring May Tomatoes?

With the 4th warmest winter since the 1800′s, nature has turned up the clock on Spring and all things new. These February blooming crocuses foreshadow something new this year. Since Old Man Winter took a break, there will be more bugs, more moss in your yard, earlier weeds and budding crabgrass, and best of [...]

Happy New Year! – Start, Finish, Start Again…

Life is all about starting and finishing. It seems that we are continually being asked to start and finish things at a much faster rate. The ups and downs of our lives can often be correlated with the amount of starts and finishes we have and more particularly how we manage change.

Well this year [...]

An End to One Era – Make a Difference!

“Be great, make a difference, leave an impact!” – My Dad

As I finish one job at work and start another, I’m left with some deep thoughts and forward looking ambitions. People change jobs all the time. In an era where the “the Four Year Career” is the new normal, how can we grow fast [...]

The Four Year Career – So much to do. So little time.

My new year will involve starting a new job focus at work, along with 33 of my direct peers. This move comes to my Department of Energy career after only two and half years of study and interest in home energy efficiency. The new job will be cool working with vehicles and new energy efficiency [...]