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Rainbow Up!

On the way back from a West coast business trip, I flew through this rainbow when we landed. Just a remarkable sight to see the weather and sun line that accompanies a rainbow. At several hundred miles and hour and around 10,000 feet, life, light, and liberty can look totally different. A new perspective [...]

Blossom Rail Trail Fun

This is one of the best times of the year to ride through downtown Morgantown. The beauty of this blossom canopy really can’t be described with text or even video. Add two beautiful sunny days, and the picture takers come out from everywhere. Of course I took my fair share of videos. Thank you to [...]

Trev’s Wall Of Ride

Testing out this new Wall effect from YouStar app for iPhone. I didn’t plan to use any of this footage. I even stuck my tongue out. However, this effect is so cool. I just had to post. Ride & Rock On!

Pittsburgh Alternative Fuels

I was lucky to have the front seat of a Pittsburgh Alternative Transportation Fuel road trip. I couldn’t resist making a video. Did you know that we have the technology and American fuels to run most of our cars and trucks without using any petroleum? American fuels such as Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural [...]

Hilton Head – Keep Trekking

Great Thanksgiving ride on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Quick trek from Palmetto Dunes under the road to Shelter Cove and then down the beach.

Holiday Lights – Hilton Head

Nothing like Christmas Holiday lights. This “Festival” of lights can be found on Hilton Head Island – Shelter Cove. It is a fun trip, if you are in the area.

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Great Starts Help Great Finishes

The garden is growing great so far this year – from greenhouse, to seedlings, to cover crop tilling, to companion planting, to little tomatoes. Trying to play catch up in garden or in life makes it harder and less enjoyable, not to mention less likely to be a success. Starting with a zeal early in [...]

Sometimes You Can Beat Number One

Great video of WVU crowd storming court after WVU beat #1 ranked Kansas. Everybody should aspire to be number one in something. The pure act of pursuing the top spot and struggling to improve makes us better at life and living. And if you can beat the odds and be or beat number one in [...]

Walk, Run, Crawl…With Intention

Recorded this video during a sunrise beach walk on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Walked with a dolphin at time 0:57, and I’m pretty sure he stopped and waited for me.

Nothing like a walk, run or crawl on the beach to set your mind right. There are times during life when you run and [...]

West Fork River Trail Trek

Great ride on the West Fork River Trail in West Virginia. An almost unnerving old train trestle bridge starts you off added by spectacular river views with even a waterfall right on the trail. Almost Heaven West Virginia for sure. #westvirginia #railtrail #westfork #fairmont #monongah #gorailtrails #mountainbike